Auteur Sujet: NS47-Alla Zagaykevych-To Escape, To Breathe, To Keep Silence  (Lu 828 fois)


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#CAT: NS47
label: Nexsound

artist: Alla Zagaykevych
genre: ambient/drone/athmospheric

To escape, to breathe, to keep silence" is a multimedia work that aims to reveal with art means a process of human self-identification in an imaginary "city environment".

The work consists from different culture layers with different means of expression -- folk and contemporary academy singing; violin play that combine "new virtuosity" of academy music and authentic impromptu manner of performance that is concentrated on deconstruction of city environment; multifunction assembly; electric music that is based on records of city and nature noises, synthesized timbres and samples of authentic singing. All these aim to reveal complicated relations between Individual and City.

What is the actual human environment? Urban accumulation of destroying power? A collection of different times cultures? A human shelter? A shelter of the very life? Three parts of the work "To escape, to breathe, to keep silence" are connected with initial images of movements, states, feelings that are immanently presented in human mind. What does an individual escape from?.. Where?.. What does his silence speak about?.. What about his breath?..

Cover design by Zavoloka

01. To Escape
Sergiy Okhrimchuk, violin
Alla Zagaykevych , recording and live computer

02 To Breathe
Natalka Polovynka, voice
Alla Zagaykevych , recording and live computer

03 To Keep Silence
Petro Tovstukha, piano
Alla Zagaykevych , recording and live computer

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