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faisez votre cover de cin cin man pour weirdomusic « le: novembre 01, 2005, 09:01:22 am »
New from WM Recordings:

"Cin Cin Man" is a composition created on the train in China, on a Nokia
mobile phone composer tool.

"Cin Cin Man" was COPYRIGHTED and promptly COPYLEFTED (anybody is free to
use it, improve, change, mutilate, but with NO commercial purposes).

The IDEA is to create a project where 1000 COVERS of "Cin Cin Man" will be
composed and published.

PREPARATIONS were initiated from the collection and coordination centre in

Covers range in style from ring tones to pop songs, classical composition,
opera, jazz, muzak, country and western, Zulu, bossa nova, rock, r&b,
un-describable etc., all very personal and unique.

The moment cover number 1000 arrives to the database of the coordination
centre in Amsterdam, the FINAL PHASE will be initiated.

For now 12 versions are available from WM Recordings.

Get it for free from our website:

Your versions of Cin Cin Man are welcome!

best wishes,
Marco Kalnenek


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