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C'est en anglais désolé, la flemme de faire une version FR

To celebrate the 20th birthday of Night On Earth, a compilation is out now on multi-format


It features 36 artists across 3 continents and several generations of music freaks ...
29 tracks by, in that order: Refrigerator Mothers, Sikhara, Catherine Danger, Thar Mapsal Program, Microloop, Indra Menus, Tzii, Officium, NuR, Johnny haway, Contagious Orgasm, Paul Gremare, Dissonant, Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade, Perchten Scylla, Cham, Venimeuses, Flutwacht featuring Le Fensch Industrial Orchestra, Excess Of Fat, Jealousy Party, Rinus Van Alebeek, Moineau Écarlate, Gamaboy, SS Mylitta, Âme De Boue, Ripit, The Radar Threat, Solar Skeletons, The Masters Musicians Of Hop-Frog

artwork/silkscreen by Thomas Perrodin
mastering/cut by Angström Mastering

available in 7 different formats with slightly different tracklists:

1. FULL BUNDLE: 2 x LP Vinyl + Tape C100 + Tziibasco 100ml + N.O.E. "FAYA" hot sauce 100ml + silkscreen + download
2. 2 x LP vinyl + silkscreen + download
3. TAPE C100 (w/ extra tracks) + download
4. 2 x LP vinyl + Tape C100 + Silkscreen + Download
5. 2 x LP vinyl + Tziibasco 100ml + N.O.E. "FAYA" hot sauce 100ml + silkscreen + download
6. Tape C100 + Tziibasco 100ml + N.O.E. "FAYA" hot sauce 100ml + silkscreen + download
7. Download only

All sauces are homemade, 100% organic, vegan and from home fermentation
UPDATE --> hot sauces are sold-out / next batch in June (maybe)!

you can listen and chose your formula here:
Please DON'T order through bandcamp but by writing to tzii @ v-atak . com with your adress and I will update you with total costs including shipping

For those who want « only » the vinyls it’s preferable that you order it here:

and it is physically available in those record shops:


Toolbox Records
30 Rue St Ambroise
75011 Paris


Praxis Shop
--> physical pick-up possibilities


Balades Sonores
55 rue St Ghislain
1000 Brussels

Crevette Records
Rue Blaes 146
1000 Brussels


Blind Spot
36, rue Poullain Duparc
35000 Rennes


.... deviantly yours ......


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