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Mix dirty dub / Hip hop pour la série de podcast de Walter Gross!

My friend Bobe Van Jezu hails from Brussels, Belgium. I've known him through the net for a long time and he's supported my stuff since my debut, Kind Of Blues in 05 so its great to have stayed in touch this whole time and finally collaborate on something. He dj'd in Brussels for me and Devilmans tour and murdered it! Def a great memory drinking great Belgian beer after a great show on MayDay, everybody was havin a good time and Bobe was dropping pure raw heat. I was amazed. I usually dont get shocked by a dj set like that but since then I knew I had to get him for a mix. So here it is, and homeboy def delivers. He even got his homie Sub Altern to dub out the entire mix too.
So check out the links and enjoy this murderousness...Much thanks to the listeners and artists involved.

Bobe Van Jezu fb page/soundcloud


Bobé Van Jézu & Sub-Altern - Walter Gross Ectoplasmic Podcast 43
1) 6RME - l3AZE

2) Lost Forgotten - Where Is My Mind

3) L.E.G. Vs Ruelgo - Absence Of Order (Political Remix)

4) Earth Is Flat - Federal Central Banks

5) Mentol Nomad - Ancient Slumber Revamp

6) Bonzo Speechless - Fright Night

7) Bloodmouth - Swine Tasting (VORRS Edit)


9) Nakral - Induscopie

10) El Gusano Rojo - Krstic Funhouse

11) DJ Die Soon - Sweet Pain

12) k(no o) - Filthy Bong Scrape

Thanks to all the artists for their tracks!
Selection & Mix : Bobé Van Jézu
fx: Spring reverb, lexicon MX400, Space echo RE 20, Monotron filter, Sherman rodec filter : Sub-Altern

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