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Audition Records « le: février 27, 2011, 16:21:04 pm »
pas vu passer, après petite recherche, je pense ça a sa place ici :

Audition Records is a series of documents centered on different compositional approaches to Free, Noise and all kinds of Experimental and Improvised Music performances as part of an effort to provide a space where instruments and sonorities can dialogue in freedom and intelligent sensibility.
The project was born on January 15th of 2010. Since that, we have been thinking about creating an exclusive space for the Improvised Music Scene and experimental concepts , without concern for the semantic school or the stylistic signature of the performers.

So we decided to create Audition Records, a division of Audiotalaia Netlabel, and here we are! Audition Records documents the development of this genre in Europe... by both native musicians and international ones who have settled here—musicians whose curiosity extends their esthetic perception & music all over the world.

We like to think more in terms of documents rather than publications or net-releases, we want to expand and built a real network as e-magazine of improvised music and radical experiments, and with this idea, "between freedom and sound" we´re proudly supported by many important musicians, journalists, musical associations, sound art residences, european improvising orchestras, international labels, jazz e-magazines and fanzines... so we will gradually be surprising you with our wonderful guests!

Audition Records is curated by Julian Bonequi, with the collaboration of Aniana Heras as designer. Audition Records want to give special thanks to Edu Comelles, creator of Audiotalaia Netlabel for his support.

Currently Audition Records is in the orbit of Barcelona and Berlin.



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audiotalaïa « Réponse #1 le: février 27, 2011, 16:24:23 pm »
et donc évidemment Audiotalaïa

Audiotalaia Netlabel is a project founded with the aim to release the work from artists all over the world. We seek for proposals in experimental sound composition, ambient music and electronic music.
The project was born from a previous project by Edu Comelles called Talaies Sonores. This project was based on the idea of dialoguing between sound composition and landscape. According to this we look after artists working on a electronic media framework but keeping an eye into the natural world, the landscape and the environment.

The label is curated by Edu Comelles and counts with the close collaboration of Jaume Muntsant (aka Hermético, Nigul), Julián Bonequi (Audition records).

Currently the label is based Valencia (Spain) but drifts around depending on where the founder lives at that time. Even that there is a sense of non-placeness Audiotalaia loves to be considered a Catalan netlabel and therefore a Spanish netlabel.


All works presented on this label are under Creative Commons Licenses 3.0 Share-Alike.


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Audition Records « Réponse #2 le: février 27, 2011, 16:26:17 pm »
miam merci !  smiley15
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Anton Mobin

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Audition Records « Réponse #3 le: février 27, 2011, 19:13:45 pm »
ouep beaucoup de bombes sur les deux labels
celui-ci est excellent:

celui de Rinus aussi...bien canon:

MAT POGO, excellentttttt

et julian bonequi, le boss, a participé à Impronet, le premier batteur a s'y coller !

good !!
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