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RB078 - derrick hart - fall asleep to this « le: février 13, 2010, 18:57:10 pm »
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derrick hart - fall asleep to this OUT NOW!

Derrick Hart is an American musician. You might know him from his "Songs From A Cross (The Sea)" EP on 12rec, a release in which Derrick shows great musical talent and a really fantastic sense for song-writing and melodies.

With his "fall asleep to this" EP he goes a more experimental and meditative way. The five tracks are mainly based on vocals, even though there are no actual lyrics. "kontakt" and "when someone loves you no more" are performed only with his voice, captured with a contact-mic, processed and converted. "when someone loves you no more" begins things with a profound wailing on behalf of anyone who has ever suffered before blooming into some incomprehensible sonic victory. "emporia", "colors that surround you" and "kontakt" are beautiful melodic miniatures and "wilderness of the city" ends it all with strings and a relentless, hypnotic groove. But always is Derrick's voice as the key element in each song, tying everything together.

To follow Derrick's advice: The EP serves as a meditation tool to listen to before sleeping. So plug your earphones in and fall asleep.

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derrick  smiley13


L'as de carreau (Saison 6 - Episode 13/13)

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05/03/2010 à 13H40 surTous les programmes du jour de France 3

Titre original : Derrick
Durée : 65min. ( 13H40 - 14H45 )
Cryptage : En clair
Genre : Série - Policier
Origine : Allemagne
Année de réalisation : 1979
Réalisation : Dietrich Haugk
Distribution : Horst Tappert (Inspecteur Stephan Derrick), Fritz Wepper (Inspecteur Harry Klein), Günther Maria Halmer (Jocken Karo), Willy Schäfer (Willy Berger), Klaus Jürgen Wussow (Bernhard Demmler), Joana Maria Gorvin (Agnes Demmler), Katerina Jacob (Luisa Demmler).
Musique : Les Humphries

Le coup de feu qui a blessé Agnes D. alors qu'elle fermait une fenêtre a été tiré trop tard... trop tard pour tuer. Les investigations de Derrick ne mènent nulle part... Jusqu'à ce qu'il apprenne incidemment qu'Agnès D. s'était liée d'amitié avec un jeune homme très attentionné rencontré à l'hôpital...