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SMEGMA & Steve MACKAY nu cd « le: juillet 14, 2005, 22:05:14 pm »
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Rádon presents:


Featuring: Steve Mackay

30 Years of Service cd

available April 2005

This disc is the culmination of 30 years of Smegma antics. In July 2003, Smegma celebrated their 30th Anniversary as a musical collective with a series of concerts, featuring Stooges saxman Steve Mackay. These landmark noise spectacles were highly praised, most notably the exceptional performance at The Derby in Hollywood.

At the end of the year, the set was recreated in Smegma’s legendary Portland, OR studio and painstakingly mixed and manipulated over the course of several months.

From their mid-70’s work in LA Free Music Society up through last year’s critically exalted collaboration album with Wolf Eyes, Smegma have carved themselves one of the most undeniable positions in the history of Noise.

In the words of Smegma mentor Burned Minde, “Smegma, while having the usual gang of idiots intact, is a group influx, with strange new birds throwing in strange new ideas and ideals during their tenure with the band. Some come and some

go, but the spirit of Smegma shall continue to blow the minds of this and

hopefully many generations To follow.

Pour it into your ear gently… At first.”

“Smegma, the band perhaps most responsible (along with the Residents) for a real underground noise continuum in the US of A”

-from Bull Tongue by Thurston Moore + Byron Coley

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