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Do you love WRONG MUSIC ? « le: mars 16, 2006, 12:48:59 pm »
Non mais putain, c est bien !

Mully vs Ladyscraper / WNG004
Release date : March 3rd

Volume 1 of the 6 part Survivor series 7" series which will feature classic tracks from various WNG Sonic Wrestlers. Volume 1 is aimed to make you feel like you've been hit in the face with a steel chair by Jake the Snake Roberts .. if that's not enough to make you buy it then i don't what is!

A. Ladyscraper - If it's gonna be that kinda Party I'm gonna stick in Marky
B. Mully - 5,6,7,8


Ebola - Reflective Shots (WNG 003)
Release Date / Jan 30th 2006

Reflective Shots is the debut album from wrong Music co-founder Ebola.
Spanning off kilter jungle, straddling breakcore, and fisting some serious
gabba air, Ebola utilises every noise-making implement from a fisher price
tape player to a silicon chip.
Super-fast breaks and gritty ambient noise are combined to create his
stuttering mash-up dancefloor sound. Not so much mash-up as fall down (it
makes for some pretty funny dancing).
Intense, sometimes violent, sometimes very beautiful ; this 9-track album
veers from the accomplished, beat-orientated sound of "Fried Piss" a
veritable feast of thunderous kicks and intricate breaks, to the fractured
soundscape of title track "Reflective Shots".
With a hearty selection of party crashing gabba/breakcore monsters like
"Necrophiliac Dance Party" and the hyper-frenetic "Practical power
electronics" but with enough contemplative experiments in noise
architecture, this album will stop just short of giving the best of us dance
floor heart failure. Just.
this album was awarded with a 4 star noise award by mr shitmat

1. Hello
2. Fried Piss
3. Reflective Shots
4. Velcro scrotum
5. Keep it Ruffneck (sandpaper collar mix)
6. Practical Power Electronics
7. Blunt Knives Are Dangerous
8. Necrophiliac Dance Party
9. Missing You Already


DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch 7" (WNG 001)
Release Date / August 29th 2005

On the A-side you are given the hardest thing on a gameboy since the last level of Super Mario Brothers. On the flip a techno/pop number that is addictive and tasty as a KFC With his new album 'KFC Core' dropping on adaadat soon and a whole load of live shows and tours planned, I got a feeling it's gonna' be a Scotch summer.
you check out the hillarious music vid for scotch chicken bellow

A/ Scotch Chicken
B/ Scotch Party


V/a - Whatever!
Release Date / August 29th 2005

"You know that breakcore/ragga/acid version of Thomas The Tank Engine you've always meant to get round to recording? Well guess what!? Mully has gone and beat you to it with 'Fee Fi Fum'. The bastard! If the idea of such a grubby cross-breed fills you with unmitigated dread, then may I cordially suggest that wrong Music's label sampler 'Whatever!' isn't for you. The kind of record that should come with complementary Anadin, 'Whatever!' fires on all ruptured cylinders from the off; opening with the growling dubstep of DJ Psylage and 'Murderous Stile' and closing 29 tracks later with the dentist breakcore of DJ Floorclearer. In-between, The Sharon Smith Quartet take on Cassette Boy (and lose), The Sticks sound like a Fisher Price Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Phil Collins 3 combine sea shanty, punk rock and Jerusalem. With tracks also coming from V/VM, Shitmat, DJ Scotch Egg and loads more, this comp really is wrong in every sense of the word, so full marks on the descriptive naming front. 'Whatever' is undeniably becoming at times... Make it stop!"
Review from boomkat

01/ DJ Psylage - Murderous Stile
02/ Bunglegushcore - Candyfloss Moss
03/ Ladyscraper - Osaka
04/ The Sharon Smith Quartet - I Want To See her
05/ The Stix - Slammer
06/ Pale - Everyone Is A Sally Adams And It Makes Me Horny
07/ Doddodo - SUZDO'nCO
08/ Dan Powell - Iras
09/ 7U? - Flactulent Funkstepa
10/ Samurai spoon - Techno Techno Techno
11/ Mully - Fee fi fo fum
12/ Oen flux - Decimal Point (get up)
13/ Master - Size Of The Sun
14/ Shitmat - Dave Harris & Rod Stuart Share Underwear
15/ DJ sausagein' Terrible - CrapEater
16/ Thighmaster - Fatty
17/ DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Forest
18/ Hot Roddy - Skeleton Emotion
19/ Mr Langley - Escape From T O
20/ V/Vm - I Predict A Rot
21/ The Phil Collins 3 - Pooey Stick
22/ Roger Species - Revenge of the Stapler theif
23/ Clarence Palmer - Deluxe Spots
24/ Randomoidz - Glasto Breaks
25/ Powertool Posse - Lets Get Ready To Reggae
26/ spoonPhase - Choking on air - Moving on air
27/ Tuna - Maybe The End Is Near
28/ Motorbikes - Motorbikes vs Metal Mariachi
29/ Sibling - Animal'a'crossin
30/ DJ Floorclearer - There's A Wocket In My Pocket
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