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Patches gone like this wow classic gold « le: juillet 03, 2019, 08:54:44 am »
Alterac Valley was the only living Battleground of Game, Races got united after 3rd war in wc3, then programmers chose to make war between alliance and horde.We are fine with this,patches gone like this wow classic gold and there were ashenvale, arathi to resist in wpvp apart from questing pve adventure lineup. Then bgs came out. They couldnt be successful although later, for fixing it, silithus and epl turned into realtime battlefield.

Game is set they could add fucking numeruous items this isn't a good move. Rather than Limiting Kill count siege vehicles may be put in like units that are cavalary to game. As way people will use them This way to overcome enemies, towers might be demolishable to. Cause at the time programmers were pointing us with flags were symbolizing the destryoing of the towers, u can recognize from fire animations.

 They could encircle the Warzone with far more sophistication to earn a real experience again(however they're activions now) And we're in 2019 now Community has too much knowledge about WoW Classic so ppl can use their minds to triumph for wow classic gold cheap several hours instead of two days. They are not currently focusing on development, living what either this vanilla variant or bfa thing. It will be grind complete leave.