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Acid Arena Monster Blast / Algorithm for writing essays during the USE
« Dernier message par RyanHell le octobre 30, 2021, 13:38:35 pm »
First of all, it is necessary to distribute your time properly during the exam. Practice shows that you should allocate at least 1-1.5 hours for writing an essay out of the 3.5 hours allotted for the USE in social studies. It is most expedient to start writing studybay reviews after all other CMM tasks have been solved, since this type of work requires a maximum concentration of the graduate's efforts.
Carefully read all suggested topics.
Choose topics that are understandable, i.e., the student should have a clear idea of what the statement is about and what the author wanted to say with that phrase. In order to remove doubts as to whether he/she understands the topic correctly, the graduate should reformulate the phrase in his/her own words, identifying the main idea. The student can do this orally or on a draft.
From the selected understandable statements, one topic should be chosen - the one that the student knows best. It is necessary to note the fact that often examinees choose easy, in their opinion, topics, but which turn out to be difficult in the disclosure of the topic due to the limited scientific and factual material on the subject (in other words - the phrase itself says everything, nothing can be added). In such cases, the essay is reduced to a simple statement of the meaning of the statement in different variants and is evaluated by the experts because of the poor evidence base is low. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the topic of the essay so that the student when writing it could fully show the completeness of his knowledge and depth of his thoughts (i.e. - the topic should be a winning one).
When choosing the topic of the essay, it is necessary to pay attention also to what social science is referred to the given statement. Practice shows that a number of phrases can refer to several sciences at once. For example, J. Goethe's statement "Man is defined not only by natural qualities, but also by acquired qualities" can belong to philosophy, social psychology, and sociology. Accordingly, the content of the essay should differ depending on this, i.e., it should correspond to the indicated basic science.
It is not necessary to write the essay entirely in draft form. Firstly - because of the limited time, secondly - because of the fact that at the moment of writing the essay some thoughts come and at the moment of rewriting - others, and it is much more difficult to redo the ready text, than to create a new one. On the draft, the graduate makes only an outline of his/her essay, approximate brief sketches of the meaning of the phrase, his/her argumentation, scholars' points of view, concepts and theoretical positions that he/she is going to bring in his/her work, as well as the approximate order of their arrangement one after another taking into account the semantic logic of the essay.
It is obligatory for the student to express his/her personal attitude towards the chosen topic in a clear formulation ("I agree", "I do not agree", "I do not quite agree", "I agree, but partially" or phrases similar in meaning and sense). The presence of personal attitude is one of the criteria on the basis of which the essay is evaluated by the experts.
It is mandatory for the graduate to state his/her understanding of the meaning of the statement. That is, a high school student explains in his/her own words what the author wanted to say with this phrase. It is advisable to do it at the beginning of the essay. And if you combine the requirements of this paragraph with the provisions of the previous one, then, for example, this is how the beginning of an essay on philosophy would look: "Before we talk about the good of needs satisfaction, it is necessary to determine what needs constitute the good": "I completely agree with the statement of the great Russian writer of the second half of the XIX - early XX centuries. I fully agree with the statement of the great Russian writer of the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, L.N. Tolstoy, in which he speaks of genuine and imaginary needs.

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Acid Arena Monster Blast / Re : et si pas OPENGL, pas jeu?
« Dernier message par millicentgill le octobre 29, 2021, 15:07:41 pm »
The said that not all sites could be trusted. I agree with this statement. Anyone should check the modern websites they want to use.
Acid Arena Monster Blast / 10 tips on how to write an essay
« Dernier message par millicentgill le octobre 29, 2021, 15:07:10 pm »
Is online class king legit? When it comes to writing an essay, many people get discouraged. The thought of this type of assignment makes almost any student unhappy. However, knowing what parts an essay consists of, and what you need to specify in each of them, allows you to make the writing process much more pleasant and easier.  You can make the task a lot easier by simply breaking the essay into parts.

Here are ten tips to help you write an essay easily:
Do your research
Before writing an essay, thoroughly research the topic you need to cover in your paper. Become an expert in the field of the given topic - this will help you to reveal the issue in your own words, without resorting to plagiarism.  Search for information on the Internet, use databases, go to the library to expand your knowledge. When the research stage is over, you can begin to write the essay directly.
After thoroughly researching the topic and gathering the necessary information, it is worth analyzing your argument. Clearly formulate the statements and write down all the arguments and ideas you will cover in the essay. Review essays you once read, noting strengths and weaknesses. By studying essays written by others, you will understand how to write your own better.
Come up with questions about the essay topic and answer them yourself, remembering to write down your answers.  Later, these thoughts will form the basis of the essay.
Formulate the thesis statement
Pick out the most basic and vivid thought, developing it as the main idea of the essay.

This will be your thesis statement - the main point that will allow the reader to understand why you have chosen this topic and in what direction you are going to develop it.
Make an outline
Outline the essay before you write the finished full version. Compose short sentences reflecting the main idea of each paragraph. Using bulleted lists will also help you outline the essay.
Write an introduction
Start writing your essay with an introduction. It should be catchy and grab the reader's attention, generating a desire to read the essay to the end.
Proceed to the paragraphs
Build your paragraphs around your main thesis statement. Start with the main sentence that captures the essence of the paragraph, then state your thoughts, backed up by arguments. Write as if you want to address the reader personally. You can also try talking the essay out loud as you write.
Write a conclusion
Use the conclusion to summarize. What did you ultimately want to convey to the reader? Answer this question clearly and concisely in your conclusion.
Now you can begin editing and formatting your work. If you borrowed any thoughts, ideas or phrases while you were writing, put them in quotation marks and quote them appropriately so that you are not accused of plagiarism.
Finally, you can reread the essay again and correct any grammatical and spelling errors. Reread as many times as it takes to make the resulting essay look and think the way you think is right. After all, a perfectly written essay is the key to an excellent grade for your efforts.

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Acid Arena Monster Blast / Re : OpenArena - Appel à contributions (et aux frags)
« Dernier message par MarkScorze le octobre 28, 2021, 10:52:28 am »
If you a looking for casual sex, I recommend reading this fresh one night friend app review. I think you will find what you need.
Chouilles / Re : [PARIS] En veux-tu ? En v'là ! >> OCTOBRE 2021 (on n'y croyait plus)
« Dernier message par evtevl le octobre 27, 2021, 18:58:41 pm »
En veux-tu? En v'là! présente :

samedi 30 octobre : Ultra Zook + Cesar Palace + Kevin Diesel

Artwork : Ny Omena -

ULTRA ZOOK (Clermont-Ferrand) - zouk in opposition / tropical apocalyptique

Ultra Zook est un trio de rock peu commun, d’abord il n’y a pas de guitare mais un clavier, ensuite ils ne tapent pas comme des sourds et enfin ils ne font pas la gueule quand ils jouent...
C’est l’œil pétillant et malicieux qu’ils interprètent leurs chansons dont l’originalité n’a d’égale que la profondeur philosophique du texte.
Faire danser la zumba en utilisant des airs de musique traditionnelle auvergnate, faire avancer la société avec de profondes réflexions philosophiques, faire tourner les têtes avec un jeu de lumières bricolé maison, faire rire et se sentir super bien dans ses pompes, c’est le pain quotidien d’Ultra Zook.


CESAR PALACE (Berlin) - drum & techno

À coup de pédales d'effets et de kick électro, Cesar Palace est le petit secret du batteur d’Electric Electric, aussi connu pour assurer une partie de la section rythmique de la Colonie de Vacances.
Cesar Palace dissémine un clash de rythme pur et de drone cosmique tantôt dansant, tantôt transcendant.


KEVIN DIESEL (Marseille) - technoise

Troisième projet de Florian Borojevic, après 100%chevalier et Partout Partout, c’est aussi son premier projet solo et purement électronique.
Le premier projet où il quitte sa guitare qui, soyons honnêtes, avait fini par devenir un prototype de synthétiseur encordé.
Malgré les innombrables différences, ce projet est chargé des recherches qu’il a mené dans ces deux derniers groupes.
On peut y retrouver, sous une toute autre forme, les virages à angle droit de Partout Partout, la folie dansante de 100%chevalier, son désir toujours intact de glisser de la surprise dans le familier, de partir de lieux communs pour aller explorer des zones interdites.


samedi 30 octobre
L’Espace B
16 rue Barbanègre
75019 Paris (Porte de la Villette)

20h - PAF : 6€

Événement facebook :

concernant la situation (de merde) du moment et le pass sanitaire, il vous sera demandé d’en présenter un pour accéder au bar et à la salle
Chouilles / Re : [PARIS] En veux-tu ? En v'là ! >> OCTOBRE 2021 (on n'y croyait plus)
« Dernier message par evtevl le octobre 27, 2021, 18:47:58 pm »
En veux-tu? En v'là! présente :

samedi 16 octobre : Youff + brain Juice Drainer + Remote

Artwork : INNiPùkINN -

YOUFF (Ghent, BE) - noise & hardcore

BRAIN JUICE DRAINER (Paris) - duo power punk-noise

REMOTE (Paris) - noise / black metal

samedi 16 octobre
L’Espace B
16 rue Barbanègre
75019 Paris (Porte de la Villette)

ouverture des portes à 20h
START à 20h30 - PAF : 6€

concernant la situation (de merde) du moment et le pass sanitaire, il vous sera demandé d’en présenter un pour accéder au bar et à la salle
Tartare plastique / Re : UGG Fluff You Cali Collage Pride
« Dernier message par dominiccooper le octobre 27, 2021, 13:36:29 pm »
Jess Ferguson is a ray of light in the darkness of today's Internet space. Thanks to her, I was able to learn a lot of important information about writing services.
Tartare plastique / How to write an essay?
« Dernier message par dominiccooper le octobre 27, 2021, 13:35:55 pm »
The procedure of writing an essay itself is very similar to the process of creating any student paper. Here it is important to plan your actions correctly. To do this, it is enough to adhere to the following advanced writers reviews:
Choosing a topic.
At this stage, it is important to have an idea of what audience the essay is being written for: a teacher, a whole, a committee, a particular literary community or an employer. On the basis of that, you need to determine what features will be a priority: what exactly will be evaluated, how best to present the material, etc. If there is no list of topics and you have to choose the topic yourself, it is best to choose something that is close to your heart and in which you are knowledgeable.

It is equally important that the essay should reflect the author's opinion, character and attitude towards the problem.
Having chosen a direction, determine what exactly you are going to research and defend, formulate the main idea of the essay. That's where the starting point will come from. Here you'll already be able to set a specific goal, define the tasks and methods, select the appropriate materials.

Don't be afraid to state your thoughts in your own words. This is what will emphasize your individuality, humanity simplicity and "charisma". It is important to write down all the thoughts that came into your head, not paying attention to the stylistics of grammar and other rules of the Russian language. Consider that you caught inspiration and try to write down all thoughts at once.

If it is difficult to write the introductory part, then start immediately with the main material - courageously defend the question posed, justify your point of view. Write the introduction and conclusion afterwards.
Editing the essay.
First, you need to make a certain plan and detail in it: what, where, when, and how you will cover. Then, the available manuscript should be checked for compliance with the made plan of grammar, censorship, and logicality. Don't remove your emotions from the essay, just make it a little restrained and cultured.

Pay special attention to the design of the work. They are specific to each educational institution, publishing house.

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Tartare plastique / UGG Fluff You Cali Collage Pride
« Dernier message par 5vx6adkm le octobre 27, 2021, 03:10:12 am »

I tuoi piedi con amore trascorrono il loro tempo in un paio delle nostre ciabatte lanuginose. UGG Ciabatte Donna Con un esterno soffice e morbido in lana incrociata e tre splendidi colori, puoi indossarli mentre ti rilassi a casa o aggiungerli al tuo outfit per un elemento di divertimento.

Morbide dall'interno verso l'esterno, le ciabatte Fluff Yeah combinano una pantofola e un sandalo in una scarpa unica. Con la nostra iconica morbida pelle di pecora,100% autentico un cinturino elastico sul tallone per una vestibilità sicura e una suola in gomma sagomata per la trazione, la nostra pantofola outdoor più venduta è la silhouette perfetta per portare in strada questo orgoglio.

Il nostro stile preferito della stagione, il Fluff Yeah è buono come sembra, combinando pantofola e sandalo in una scarpa accogliente. Caratterizzata UGG Fluff You Cali Collage Pride da una morbida pelle di pecora con una piattaforma leggera per mantenere le cose ariose, questa eccezionale ciabatta si abbina perfettamente a vestiti midi o ai tuoi jeans preferiti.

Nel 1978, un surfista australiano portò i suoi amati stivali di montone nel sud della California e fondò UGG. A metà degli anni '80, il marchio era diventato un punto di UGG Ciabatte Saldi riferimento nei negozi di surf su e giù per la costa e un'icona dello stile di vita da spiaggia. Ora amato ovunque dalle persone che apprezzano lo stile comodo, UGG offre calzature casual e articoli accoglienti per la casa, insieme ai suoi stivali caratteristici.
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