Cannibal Caniche

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Titre: m3d042_07_theUnicornLeapsOutOfTheStream
Posté par: overlow le mars 02, 2006, 22:41:52 pm
Petite release trouvée chez k9d

simplissime et lo-tech, c'est vraiment toujours pour l'esprit que j'adore (sauf quand ca vire un peu trop house peut etre)


the sight

the taste

the smell

the touch

"the idea of being "remixed"
something natural
Extremely great alps,
romantic of madness.

just a flat plateau.
on the depressing minimal techno
was pretty and mistakes".
way iller and idea of taste.

sounds just want to be at home
preparing everything for a deadlock
he adds simple but love
and some structure

Afterwards absolutely check

finished at the dance floor