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Titre: Shitmat's Mash Hits
Posté par: kyjah! le février 18, 2012, 18:41:51 pm
Shitmat reprend  les #1  des charts anglais


About Mash Hits

The idea for ‘MASH HITS’ came one drunken evening, I wondered what it would be like to re-imagine the entire history of chart music through remixing, bastardizing and reconstructing it. An extreme clusterfuck of music i hate and love fighting each other for attention perhaps?
After i sobered up the idea got formulated into a more cohesive and achievable plan. I would use every uk no 1 single from 1952 until the present day to make a shed load of music.
The UK singles chat is 60 years old on November 14th 2012. Until then I will regularly be uploading new tracks. The rule is to use every UK No 1 single solely; No other samples, synths or sound sources allowed at all.

There are over 1150 tracks that topped the chart so it’s a huge undertaking but most definitely a fun one (excluding having to deal with westlife and steps).

Check back here daily to check out the music I make (  smiley20 smiley4 smiley32
[cloudset] ([/cloudset]

du gros mashup et megamix completement fou