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Titre: "nighttribe (the nocturnal human nature)" by eleme
Posté par: AMNUM le août 03, 2010, 18:37:05 pm
"nighttribe (the nocturnal human nature)" by element012
LFD.10-07 | smsVR19

01 reaching the new world (i kill zombie humans)
02 dream shifting spacestation (anti fantastic enviroment)
03 sleepless mind (senseless acts)
04 evil knock out (day by day)
05 shadow wasteland (black magic)
06 bombing 7th street 2nd take (nocturnal)
07 tribute to (resurrected)
08 spacezombie (trapped in your reality)
09 sensless wish of a future
10 destroy your mindless architecture
11 human creatures
12 frame nature (artificial space)
13 walk through you
14 sequenced moment on a rainy saturday
15 smooth recapitulation (the rebell)
16 gamma radiation (the dawn)
element012 "nighttribe" (the nocturnal human nature); all songs arranged,composed,produced by
element012 in the stubenmusicstudio 2010;(c) stubenmusicstudio & BMA; (p) barcodeterror prod.;
all under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License;

16*320kbps mp3 + cover.jpg + info.txt

as usual since 10 years - in stubenmusicstudio- there are 100 physical records (cd´s) - hand made & numbered - distributed to a selected audience !!!